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Hybrix - The Multi-Blockchain Platform With Freedom Of Transaction

Cryptocurrency was created as a digital currency that aims to make it easier for users to make transactions online quickly that guarantees security, transparency and has full freedom with actions that do not harm others.

However, now cryptocurrency is being abused and no longer has full freedom. Many new projects are born without knowing the basis of user freedom. Now the banks are also starting to come in and hope they can arrange what they did before on fiat finance.

These are all threats to cryptocurrency freedom, but we don't need to worry about that because many projects are struggling to restore and maintain that freedom. One of them is Hybrix.

Hybrix - The Multi-Blockchain Platform With Freedom Of Transaction

Hybrix is ​​a distributed platform environment that is very inclusive of networks and manages digital forms of value transfers, connecting with other decentralized networks. This solves the problem of solution ecosystems which are currently fragmented in digital ledger technology and alternative economics. The Hybrix network runs through a decentralized collection of nodes and puts a lot of power at your fingertips.

Hybrix is ​​a multi-blockchain stage that uses the qualities of each individual blockchain. Create exchange opportunities by letting the price flow unquestionably over each unique note with the main cross-note token.

Hybrix Project Development

In terms of project development, the Hybrix platform has basically developed a multi-ledger platform as well as an API that basically connects more than 30 blockchains and also offers developers an open-source solution for building multi-blockchain applications that sign client-side transactions.

Apart from being separated from the ERC-20 token and not bound to any blockchain and can also transfer values ​​without friction across the existing blockchain and ledger, HY tokens will also perform more functions on the hybrix platform.

The Hybrix Token

Token HY, in addition to being an official utility for the hybrix platform, will also be considered a store of value and cryptocurrency to be used for token sales. A token is a simple step to creating and reaching an ecosystem where freedom of transaction is another day with all the ledgers combined into one and this will only be experienced by users who are willing to say HY to the hybrix platform.

The hybrix team will develop HYBRIX PLATFORM. This is a platform that will hold HY tokens as utility tokens. Hybrix has a team consisting of a group of young professionals in the world of technology-based in Utrecht which is the core center of blockchain technology in the Netherlands. The team core mission is to improve the general quality and equality of the internet and the real world in general. The young team proposes HY tokens as a solution to fight for interoperability and binds all ledgers to provide transaction freedom that allows users to transact with or on whatever DLT they please.

HY tokens are cross-colored colored coins and are therefore not limited in technical terms, and are also not limited to the ledgers distributed. As much as all distributed ledgers and blockchains have their own strengths, the open hybrix protocol will allow the transport of free values ​​among all distributed ledgers and access to all other benefits that are above all distributed ledger systems.

Hybrix Wallet

Hybrix decentralized wallet gives you full control over your own wallet and runs locally on your device. Hybrix does not store any data on their servers. You can use the online wallet in your browser on any device. Hybrix wallet currently supports 32 blockchains and 389 tokens.

Hybrix has two types of wallet that you can use:

How To Create Hybrix Wallet

1.  Go to: and click create a new account

How To Create Hybrix Wallet #1

2. Swipe in any direction or move your mouse within this screen until you reach 100%. You will see dots appear while you are moving around

How To Create Hybrix Wallet #2

3. Backup your ID and Password

How To Create Hybrix Wallet #3

4. Done and login. You must add token to see the HY token in your wallet.

How To Create Hybrix Wallet #4


Hybrix is a very multifunctional wallet and wallet security that is maintained and makes it easy for us to transact. Freedom of transaction is Hybrix main motto, so with freedom of transactions, we can do it anytime, anywhere.

Hybrix has a wallet that is safe and easy to use, you can use it to store cryptocurrency that is available in the Hybrix wallet.

Hybrix has also been listed in the Biki exchange, you can trade HY tokens on the Biki Exchange.

A few brief reviews from us about the Hybrix project. If you are interested in this project and want to find out more fully, you can visit their site and social media via the link below.

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